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BWTour - Black Widow Tour Golf Cleats

BWTour - Black Widow Tour Golf Cleats

BWTour - Black Widow Tour Golf Cleats

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BWTour - Black Widow Tour Golf Cleats - Softspikes Black Widow Tour Fast Twist Golf Cleats (16 ct. Kit), Includes 16 replacement cleats that fit Fast Twist insert systems By Soft Spikes. Softspikes has once again revolutionized the golf cleat industry by creating the first golf cleat with adjustable comfort settings. Black Widow Tour golf cleats feature two comfort settings, Tour-Comfort and Tour-Firm, allowing golfers to select the comfort setting that best fits their game. Black Widow Tour cleats come equipped with a New Support Ring that can be positioned to achieve the appropriate comfort setting. Features: Tour-Comfort: The Tour-Comfort setting provides maximum flex, ultimate comfort and extreme traction. The Support Ring in this setting is positioned under the cushioning towers. Black Widow Tour cleats come pre-set to Tour-Comfort. Simply install the cleat to achieve this setting. Tour-Firm: The Tour-Firm setting provides extreme traction through a firmer, spike-like feel. Remove the Support Ring from behind the cushioning towers and place underneath the 4 large flexible legs. Snap ring into place, install cleats and you are ready to play. Each kit includes a set of cleats for one pair of shoes.
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