Garsen Golf Grips

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Garsen Putter Golf Grips

For years now, the putter grip has gone virtually unchanged. A few companies have given us thicker grips. Some have added new materials. The one aspect that always remained constant was the shape... Until now!! Garsen golf has braved the waters of the putter grip, and has released a revolutionary new shape to their grips.
 The grip feels good, with just the right amount of tackiness. The spine down the front of the grip took a little while to get used to. Once I got used to having my thumbs separated by the spine I realized that I was no longer getting handsy with my putts. That slight separation of the thumbs locks your wrists and prevents you from moving them during the putting motion. For this review all three of us put this grip on our everyday gamer putter. We didn't want to skew the results by trying the grip on a putter we had never used. We had some high caliber sticks for this review, A Scotty Cameron, a Bettinardi, and an Odyssey. All three of us almost immediately started putting more accurately with the Garsen grip over the stock grips we had before. I really like the feel and stability in my stroke that this grip provides. The only downside we found for this grip is the fact that it tends to get dirty quickly. This is a very minor issue as the dirt cleans off easily. This issue has been addressed by Garsen, and it turns out that the majority of this dirt is actually the residue in your bag from your old grip. Something to think about next time you decide to switch from a black grip to a lighter color. Overall, I have really enjoyed testing this grip, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to putt better. This grip will take your hands out of the stroke and give you a truer path through the ball.