Pure Grips

Pure Golf Grips are for passionate golfers, we're always trying to improve our game. That's why the founders of PURE Golf Grips came together in the first place - to give all golfers one more way to find an edge. Our consistently tacky, all-weather line of grips are the first to combine everything golfers and pro shops want in a grip: superior feel and comfort, exceptional durability and easy installation, all at a great value. The PURE Pro is offered in 7 bold colors. Given the durability and vibrance of the colors, this alone would make PURE Golf Grips some of the best looking, but PURE has an ace up their sleeve – customization. With the PURE Golf Grips Pro or P2 Wrap, you have the ability to order 13 custom designed grips. You can choose from 7 grip colors and 11 paint colors; 77 possible combinations to fit any color scheme. Additionally, you can add 14 characters of text in 9 different fonts and one of 12 different symbols. This is a level of customization that you won’t find from any other grip company and all at a very reasonable price. The Pure Golf Grips Pro feels exactly like you’d expect a rubber grip to feel. It has a little tack and a light tread pattern. When you hit shots, you get good feedback mixed with some shock absorption. It’s not too hard, not too soft; it’s that “just right” feel that could make it the new industry standard.